A Story of the End – Revere: RPG coming to Kickstarter

A Story of the End – Revere is going live on March 30th on Kickstarter! For only $7, a limited amount of backers can lock in a copy of the game! There are also tons of backer rewards for JRPG fans to get involved in the game.

Experience this classical JRPG that tells the tale of one man’s journey to save the place he once called home. Play as Troy, a once-proud Lumerian who comes to realize that his people’s actions are causing terror and suffering to many across the land. He leaves his troops as an act of rebellion, only to be wounded. After being rescued thanks to the kindness of the townsfolk of a nearby village, he seizes his chance to set off on a quest to end the terror and destruction on the place he loved.

With high levels of customization in the combat, weapons, and characters, players can truly make the game’s story and experience their own.

A Story of the End – Revere features:

  • A Hybrid Battle System: Transition between regular turn-based to real-time battle. This is not only part of the battle system, but also crucial to the plot.
  • Story-Driven Quests: Experience a myriad of quests in the game that tells stories of their own.
  • Adjustable Encounter Rates: Increase or decrease enemy encounters at any point in the game.
  • Upgrading Weapons: Find materials to upgrade your weapons to their maximum potential. Resources are scarce so use them wisely!
  • Crafting System: Make potions that buff your stats with materials and modify already existing items.

“With Kickstarter having been on our mind for months, we believe we will not only fully fund this game, but also bring about an entertaining experience for those in love with the JRPG genre. It’s definitely something special for retro RPG fans!”

Darrel Wijaya, Founder

Don’t miss out and check out A Story of the End – Revere’s Kickstarter page now. Backing starts on March 30th—mark your calendars!



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