Amazon Expands Presence at GDC 2017

Amazon’s largest GDC presence ever features more than 30 classroom sessions, 15 live tutorial kiosks, and game demos built using Amazon Lumberyard, AWS, and Twitch

This week at GDC 2017, Amazon will showcase tools, technologies, and services that empower game developers to focus on innovation instead of the heavy lifting involved in costly, time-consuming infrastructure. Developers are invited to visit Amazon’s booth (#1602) to see how Lumberyard, AWS, and Twitch work together to bring their most ambitious projects to life, without compromising quality, scale, or profitability.

For a full list of Amazon’s activities at GDC, including three full days of live Twitch streams from the show floor, visit:

Assets from the show include:
“Bistro” Demo: Built with Amazon Lumberyard, Bistro showcases a range of cutting-edge rendering techniques running in real time, including Specular Anti-Aliasing, Temporal Anti-Aliasing, and Order Independent Transparency.

“Lost” Demo: Lost demonstrates what game developers can create today using Amazon Lumberyard.  This demo showcases a variety of techniques running in real time, including physically-based rendering, photogrammetry, and world-class performance modularity.

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