Andrana Project comes to life the first Phygital Social Game

The proliferation of Smartphones has molded us into a hyper-connected yet, in turn, a very disconnected society. Each passing day, we live more on the Cloud and less in the real world. This led Muquo to wonder: Why not use the technology we all carry in our pocket to reconnect? Enter: the idea of Phygital Social Games, a video game concept for mobile devices designed to play in groups and face to face. A proposition that combines the essence of board games and the finest of video games in one sole product.

Under this premise, Muquo presents Andrana Project, the first Phygital Social Game, a game that will test the strategy, persuasiveness, teamwork skills and emotional intelligence of each player.

Andrana Project will be the first title of a new generation of video games that  transforms the way we play with our smartphones and tablets. According to Bárbara Domínguez, co-founder of Muquo, “Unlike games for conventional smartphones, users have to talk and look at the faces of their opponents. Each player is assigned a random character with abilities that are designed to help them discover the identity of other players, eliminate their enemies, and accomplish the goal of their team.”

Fernando Martínez, co-founder of Muquo, says “This form of gaming is just as fun to play as it is to watch others play. It is a feature that will allow Andrana Project to enter the world of Mobile eSports”. It is a competitive spectacle that currently influences more than 300 million fans and that in recent years has experienced spectacular growth, filling stadiums around the world.

As of today, it is available on the web, where the teaser is presented and you can already enjoy the first details about the context and history of the game: A near future, where the unstoppable advance of technology, climate change and migration problems produce great upheavals that ultimately divide the society.

From the first day, the game will be nourished by user feedback, as Héctor Mario, CTO of Muquo, expresses “we want Andrana Project to meet the expectations of the most demanding players. Therefore, our development is based on learning the user experience of the very first Phygital Gamers.”

For those who like to try the latest, they can already sign up to be beta-testers and play the alpha version that will be released in March.

The worldwide launch is scheduled for the middle of the calendar year and will be available for Android and iOS in Spanish, English and German.

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