Atomic Space Command hitting Early Access Oct. 13th

Developed by No You Shut Up! Games, Atomic Space Command blends spaceship combat with strategy and simulation mechanics. Two competing teams battle it out in a massive solar arena in large-scale PvP skirmishes or objective-based PvE missions. To claim victory, you’ll build a spaceship, field co-op armadas with your allies, and build on planets so that you can extract the coveted Spice Atomic before your enemies destroy you.

Build your ship from dozens of swappable chassis, weapons, thrusters, and other modules — ensuring that your team has the best ships to handle any situation. But winning is not as easy building the biggest ship … or being the best pilot. You’ll also need to manage your crew and monitor the ship’s systems — making sure to keep your ship fueled and components repaired.

With a bigger ship, you have more hull hit points and can carry more components and crew. This also means you have more to manage, so co-op roles are more fun and advantageous. However, huge vessels are also *heavier* and less maneuverable — with slower acceleration and top speed. Each ship module can be individually damaged and hacked, so be careful when assembling bulky battlecruisers. Daring players can easily swoop in and disable weapons, thrusters, or even life support with a few well placed shots!

Teamwork is the name of the game — and it’s critical to victory. Work with your allies and pool your resources together to create an unstoppable behemoth — or have a friend join you as a co-pilot so you can manage the crew and keep the ship’s systems operational in the heat of combat … giving new meaning to the phrase “#SquadGoals.”

The galactic arena is filled with planets that you can take over and use to your advantage: Build bases on planets to repair and resupply your ships; build defensive structures to make a defendable fortress; construct fighter bays to expand your fleet with AI controlled ships or go on the defense by building a Spice Atomic mine and force your enemies to come to YOU. After completing each mission or arena, it’s time to collect Silver Atomics to buy ship upgrades, modules, and recruit additional crew members!

Can you fly your way to victory to become the Atomic Overlord?

* Explore the solar system with up to 8 player-controlled ships on your team.
* Compete in local and online co-op multiplayer gameplay.
* Devise spaceborne strategies with ship crew management and simulation features.
* Challenge other players in the PvP arena or fly solo in PvE.
* Customize your ship with dozens of parts, a unique crew, and a variety of powerful Atomic Commanders.
* Share command of a ship and its systems with a friend — or brave the dangers of space alone.
* Build bases on planets to expand and resupply your fleet.
* Decorate your ship with tons of vanity items — including trails, ship decals, snap-on decorations, and crew skins.

Atomic Space Command will be available for on Steam Early Access this Thursday, October 13th for $14.99. Packs of special “Golden Atomics” can be purchased in-game for $4.99 – $199.99. (Golden Atomics buy cosmetic parts and do not affect gameplay.)

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