Battle Brothers Launches Today on Steam

The ambitious strategy RPG for PC will today leave Early Access after almost two successful years. Users on Steam have grown to love it: More than 1,700 reviews with a solid 90+ average show that the devs have created an experience that people enjoy.

Battle Brothers sends players to an open medieval low-fantasy world in which they are tasked to lead a band of up to twenty mercenaries, each coming with individual skills and properties. With this company of ‘battle brothers’ they explore a dynamically generated worldmap. By taking contracts, hunting for treasures and fighting numerous battles band members improve skills, gain experience points and new abilities. In the complex combat mode the strong AI opponents can only be overcome if players make good use of their mercenaries’ individual strengths and the particular terrain of the battle ground.

Battle Brothers was inspired by groundbreaking strategy classics such as XCOM: Ufo Defense, Jagged Alliance, Warhammer: Shadow Of The Horned Rat or Mount & Blade.

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