Battle for Physical Merchandise in Ruzzle’s Team Play Competition 

With the introduction of the new Team Play feature in the world’s most played word game, Ruzzle developer MAG Interactive invites all Ruzzlers to demonstrate their vocabulary genius in the month-long Ruzzle Team Play Competition. Since Team Play was first released over 64 million competitive rounds have been played, and since last Thursday over 40,000 teams have been created. Join the competition today and play for the chance to win bragging rights, premium in-game features and more!

In this new cooperative game mode players form or join existing teams and battle against other groups to win coins and become the weekly League champions. Every hour each player gets a number of chips to bet before word battles that will contribute to the Team Score after each victory. A player is as strong as his or her speed, accuracy and creativity skills. The stronger the opponent is, the bigger the rewards he or she reaps, helping the team advance through the League ladders. Rewards include in-game coins, ad removal and various premium features while the Grand Prize at the end of the competition includes a physical version of the winning team’s t-shirt featuring the names of the members.

With addictively fun gameplay inspired by the board games Boggle and Scrabble, Ruzzle challenges you to form as many words as possible by swiping your finger across scrambled letters to connect them into words. The bigger the word, the more points you earn as you battle a friend or random opponent in three 2-minute rounds. Regular tournaments and rewards for leveling up keep Ruzzle fresh and fun for players everywhere!

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