Become a viking legend in Iron Tides

Iron Tides is 30% away from its goal to bring their viking-themed adventure to life and there’s a little over a week left to join as a future chieftain to command your own crew through treacherous seas. Haven’t tried the game yet? There’s a demo of what’s in store on its Kickstarter page. $12 will lock you in for a copy of the game so you can lead your loot-hungry warband on raids to become the most revered in Iron Tides.

Iron Tides is a rogue-like tactical-survival game. Charge forward with your crew to victory through tactical turn-based strategy. Conquer enemies as you set forth on daring voyages. Return home to rally men, as others whisper of your tales at sea. Are you ruthless enough to kill off a crew member to save food resources? Will you discover treasures from forgotten lands? What will you be remembered for when you ascend to the halls of Valhalla?

Iron Tides will feature:

  • A world without end: procedurally generated oceans full of dangers and riches
  • Viking colonies: discover lost viking colonies to replenish your stocks, sell what you don’t need, and recruit fresh warriors
  • A place to call home: Return to Norhaven to celebrate your victories, purchase new wares and plan your next raid
  • Unique vikings: no two vikings are exactly alike as their skills are drawn from a pool of possible abilities and their upgrade path is procedurally generated
  • Permanent death for your crew: your lost warriors will not come back and help on the next raid

Visit Iron Tides’ Kickstarter page and try out the demo now! Your high seas viking adventure awaits!


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