“Bridge Constructor” Coming To Your Pocket Today

Today, Headup Games presented their first international game for PlayStation™Vita and their first handheld title as well: Bridge Constructor, a physics-based puzzle game that was already downloaded over 50 million times on several platforms. The title will be released today for €9.99 in Europe as the only bridge building game for the PS Vita. The US region will follow two days later, on February 16th.

Our world-renowned bridge-building simulation captivates its players in no time. Besides the main 40 levels varying from easy to very hard, the game also includes the “SlopeMania” add-on featuring another 24 tricky levels that will have you using sloping lanes to overcome massive height differences.

If you have already purchased Bridge Constructor on PlayStation™4 (or plan to do so, since it’s 50% off in Europe right now) you will soon be able to get the game on PS Vita for free, as Cross-Buy will connect both versions on February 21st.


  • 40 Levels on the island nation of Camatuga
  • Slopemania: 24 “sloping” levels incl. especially tricky crazy levels
  • 6 Settings: city, canyon, beach, mountains, hills, grotto
  • Map with unlocked worlds and levels
  • 4 different building materials: wood, steel, cables, concrete pillars
  • Color coded load indicator for different building materials
  • Three different load bearing levels: car, truck and tank truck
  • Intuitive gamepad controls
  • High score per level
  • Build sloping roads in all levels
  • Cross-Save (from Feb 21)

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