Classic fast-paced FPS Days of War now on Steam

Game studio Driven Arts just released Days of War on Steam Early Access for $24.99 / €24,99. This release comes with a great surprise; 100 player battle events! Days of War is available on Steam Early Access for PC (Windows).

and Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, game studio Driven Arts has built the next generation of class-based multiplayer shooter: Days of War. After being funded on Kickstarter last year by a group of like-minded fans, Driven Arts has released Days of War on Steam Early Access while it completes development on the game.

Days of War offers a classic style approach to the WW2 shooter genre, re-introducing fast-paced battles ranging from highly tense 12 player competition to bigger scale 32 player firefights.

Alongside the Early Access launch and the given roadmap, Driven Arts is announcing the introduction of epic 100 player battles on Omaha Beach. Although the feature is still in development and not added to the base game yet, Lead designer Lee Snodgrass says: “We love tight competitive gameplay more than anyone, but World War 2 was defined by its massive battles and invasions, and we want to bring that experience to Days of War with 100 player combat”.

The first 100-player-battle weekend event is announced on Steam between the 3rd and 5th of February. Players can see more details in the Steam Hub.

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