Dropzone is now Free-to-Play

MOBA/RTS hybrid PC game Dropzone completed its transition to Free-to-Play. During the game’s time in Steam Early Access, the Dropzone dev team was able to engage directly with the players and integrate community feedback into new modes and format. Now, Sparkypants is excited to release this exhilarating, polished (and free!) gaming experience to a wider audience than ever before.


In addition, Dropzone recently added the number one-player requested feature with Team 3v3 mode, which streamlines gameplay for newbies and casual players, letting them command a single Rig rather than three simultaneously. The update also includes Ranked Draft 1v1, a new competitive mode which raises the stakes as players load out their Pilot, Rig and Gear.

With these exciting new changes coming to the game, there’s a lot to unpack and discover about Dropzone.

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