Eastern Front WW1 FPS releases on November 16

The two studios behind Verdun – Blackmill Games and M2H – reveal more details about their new title Tannenberg, scheduled for Early Access release on November 16 on PC via Steam!

Tannenberg will be coming to PC for Windows, Linux+SteamOS and Mac on November 16, where it will be available to buy in Early Access from Steam for $17.99.
Arriving alongside the release will be a new trailer and a special bonus for Tannenberg buyers who already own Verdun! The Early Access period for Tannenberg is planned to last until Q1 2018, and will be used to incorporate final polish and balancing based on feedback from their player base.

A new 64 person game mode will let players experience the different nature of warfare on the Eastern Front – in the new Maneuver battles the action will flow unpredictably as both sides try to outflank and effectively encircle enemy positions. Instead of static trench lines and alternating attack and defense, players will attempt to capture important positions such as signal posts and ammunition dumps reflecting the enemy army’s supply and links with their headquarters. Larger maps and the higher player counts will give these battles a real sense of scale as both sides frantically attempt to encircle each other and break out of any pockets that form.

Russian Cossack troops with their lethal shashka sabres will be a powerful force in these battles for vital positions. As with everything else in Tannenberg, the new game mode, troops and weapons are firmly based in reality.

Things aren’t going to be silent until the release though! More details are available in the FAQ, and the developers are releasing regular Frontline News updates showing off what they’ve been working on and dropping details about Tannenberg. You can read them on the Steam Community page.

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