Geki Yaba Runner on PS Vita

One of the hardest runners in history challenges PS Vita fans! On 31st January, fans of the portable console will have an opportunity to test their reflex while passing over 130 ultra-hard levels in Geki Yaba Runner.

Mobile game lovers can hear about Geki Yaba Runner – the game has been available on iOS and Android. Now, PS Vita fans will be able to set off on a journey through 130 levels plus. Will they be able to take up the challenge and save a princess?

Geki Yaba Runner includes many challenges which players will have to overcome without slowing down – pitfall traps, moats full of lava, or icebergs. Remember that only Geki Yaba Runner enables you to test your reflex! Thanks to Geki Yaba Runner you will understand what a real challenge means! And first of all, you will realize what a real journey means!

Enjoy a journey in a gnomish world!

Unblock subsequent gnomes, thanks to which your journey will gain… speed.

Save a princess in trouble and become the most important gnome in history!

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