Kingdoms and Castles, the first release of a game funded on Fig, is launching July 18

In Kingdoms and Castles, players start out creating small villages, which they expand to thriving cities protected by imposing castles. As the game progresses, choices about strategic building expansions, tax policies, farming, industry, religious institutions, defense and other important decisions will play a role in the city’s growth, strength, resident’s happiness, and other factors that will determine if their cities thrive or fail. The player’s strategy will determine if the viking raiders make off with their villagers or if they are stopped, full of arrows, at the castle gates; or if a dragon torches the town’s granary so that people die of starvation in the winter, or are able to boldly defeat the beast. The world dynamically changes and evolves throughout the game – seasons change, forests grow and clouds move through the sky, with a variety of algorithms and procedural systems operating behind the scenes to have the environment simulate real world conditions.


Pete Angstadt and Michael Peddicord, who between them have worked on acclaimed indie games including Abzu, Journey and Cannon Brawl as well as Spore and Boom Blox, have founded a new studio called Lion Shield and have announced their new city building game Kingdoms and Castles.


  • Tightly designed simulation of medieval cities, everything from apple orchards to plague.
  • Clean and bold low poly art style.
  • Free form castle building system.
  • Attacking vikings and dragons.
  • Dynamic environment with procedural terrain, trees, and clouds.

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