Lightspeed Frontier into Early Access on March 7

Create blueprints to construct the ultimate spaceship for galactic domination in order to prepare for upcoming open world sandbox spaceship building and exploration game Lightspeed Frontier from Riveted Games and Crowdwork Studios. Launching into Early Access via Steam (PC) on March 7 for $14.99, Lightspeed Frontier is a humorous, space-based game where players build ships from block modules before partaking in open-ended missions that have a lasting effect on the surrounding environment as well as the galactic stock market. For those interested in meeting with the developers, Lightspeed Frontier will be playable at PAX East in Boston March 10-12 in booth 10052.

As captain, players will embark on an adventure to discover the mysteries of the universe as they complete missions to reap the riches of the galaxy. During exploration, captains will decide whether to practice diplomacy or engage in riveting battle with crime lords and space pirates. As a savvy businessperson, players will compete against greedy corporations that are monopolizing business to become the most successful captain in the galaxy.

Lightspeed Frontier has hours of gameplay and in Early Access players will play, what we feel, is an extremely polished game,” said Philip Devine, Producer at Riveted Games. “During Early Access we’ll expand on the game’s content and introduce a thrilling multiplayer mode that will allow for endless free-roaming adventures.”

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