March Tank Madness coming to World of Tanks Console

The “Madness in March,” as we call it here, is a time for intense competition celebrated on the biggest, grandest stage! We’re kicking off our own month-long bracket play with Tank Madness, a series of weekend competitions across all eight World of Tanks nations!

We’re also recognizing our loyal four-legged friends by offering a special charity bundle where net proceeds go directly to K9 for Warriors. And back from its walk, we’re also introducing “Rudy,” a Soviet T-34-85 variant coming with its own virtual canine!

Are you in on the competitive action?

Tank Madness + Final IV

• 3 March – 2 April

The first four weekends of March pit two different nations against each other in single elimination, team-based competition. Each weekend, choose your nation, demonstrate your sportsmanship and battle with your selected nation’s vehicles (tier III or higher) to help that nation move up the bracket. Show that you’ve got what it takes to lead your team to victory! In support of Tank Madness, we’re offering team bundles for each nation throughout the month.

It all culminates on the “Final IV” weekend. All players choose their team again from the last nations standing. The winning nation is determined by one massive four-way competition.

  • Mar. 3-5: USA vs UK
  • Mar. 10-12: France vs China
  • Mar. 17-19: Japan vs Czechoslovakia
  • Mar. 24-26: Germany vs Soviet Union
  • Mar. 31-Apr. 2: Final IV & Championship

The ultimate prize for the winning nation is the brand-new “Vanquisher” Sentinel AC I!

“Vanquisher” Sentinel AC I

You’ve seen the task at hand and what must be accomplished – you in?

Missed out on Tank Madness? Don’t worry, you can still compete in the Final IV weekend!
Reminder: you’ll get to re-choose your nation from among the four winners prior to the “Final IV.”

K9 for Warriors + Tanker’s Best Friend

• Mar. 14-19

Man’s best friend follows us anywhere, from the comfort of our homes to the turmoil of war. To honor the service of our four-legged friends, we’re introducing “Tanker’s Best Friend,” our charity bundle with net proceeds going to K9 for Warriors, a non-profit organization that trains and pairs rescues dogs with veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disability.

T-34-85 “Rudy”

• Mar. 14-26

Don’t leave your Garage without your best friend. Meet “Rudy,” a T-34-85 variant with Jan Kos from the Polish TV series “Four Tank-Men and Dog” as the Crew. Like the TV show, Rudy comes with Szarik the dog!


Sentinel AC 4 Experimental

• Mar. 17-30

From the land down under comes the Sentinel AC 4 Experimental, a Tier VI flanker sporting an Australian flag emblem, and borrowing its gun from the Sherman Firefly!

Fire and maneuver with the AC 4, and watch the wreckage you’ll leave behind.

Sentinel AC4  Experimental

PAINGOD’s Picks: T23E3 & FV201 (A45)

• Feb. 27-Mar. 13

Sometimes, the big boss takes matters into his own hands. The T23E3 and FV201 (A45) are part of this month’s “PAINGOD’s Picks!” Act fast — these Premium stalwarts will be gone before you know it!

St. Patrick’s Day Emblems

• Mar. 14-31

Don’t be green with envy, these St. Patrick’s Day emblems are for everyone. Collect them before your luck runs out!


Hot Commodities

Also coming to the Store this month in standalone bundles:


All information provided is subject to change.

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