Medieval Engineers gets Major Update

Medieval Engineers is back with a major new update! With the introduction of new fonts, updated GUI screens and HUD improvements, engineering in medieval times has never been this awesome. Other new additions include a new input system, improved server browsing, new shovel tools, and numerous improvements to make gameplay more intuitive!

The shovel tools allow players to dig up dirt into their inventories and then put it back down anywhere they want. Using marker stakes, players can rope off an area of ground and use the shovel to level the ground in that area. All of this is made easier by contextual hints and action icons that make playing more intuitive than ever.

Medieval Engineers continues to smash through barriers to modding by allowing modders to create their own entity components. This means that modders will be able to program behaviors for anything in the world in exactly the same way the developers do. Not only does this make total conversion mods possible but it means the sky is the limit for creating new content, new behaviors, and completely new features!

New Features:

  • New shovel tools
  • New input system and keybinding options
  • Visual Improvements
    • New Font
    • New Server Browser
    • Improved Inventory and Crafting
    • Improved HUD
  • Enhancements for intuitivity
  • Expanded modding capabilities


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