MMO Crowfall celebrates successful equity crowdfunding campaign

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. (ACE), a team led by MMO veterans that have worked on titles such as Ultima Online, Shadowbane, Star Wars: Galaxies & Star Wars: The Old Republic, has successfully reached the minimum funding goal of their in-progress Indiegogo equity crowdfunding campaign. This new campaign differs from traditional crowdfunding, in that players aren’t just backing a game for rewards – they are investing in the studio behind the game.

Prior to the Indiegogo campaign, Crowfall enjoyed strong community support, leading to a successful crowdfunding campaign with over 33,000 backers pledging over $3 million for the development. With the two successful crowdfunding campaigns, help from investors and support from the game’s European partner Travian Games, ACE has raised over $10 Million in funding for this innovative MMO.

“Our community drives our momentum”, explained ACE CEO and Creative Director J. Todd Coleman. “The MMO audience is starving for innovation, and that need translates directly into crowdfunding: first with players as backers and now with players as investors.”

The MMORPG Crowfall is based on player cooperation and competition across long term but finite conflicts called campaigns, and is the first MMO where you can truly and decisively win on a large scale. Crowfall will feature huge campaign worlds with unique victory conditions, allowing players to forge kingdoms and rise to power fusing role-playing and strategy in a deadly, massively multiplayer struggle for the throne.

“We are extremely proud to work with ACE and the passionate community of such a highly-anticipated game, and we can’t wait to welcome even more players into the Crowfall universe”, says Lars Janssen CEO of Crowfall’s European Partner, Travian Games.

Crowfall is coming to PC in 2017 and is currently in pre-alpha testing.

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