Multiplayer arena shooter Starship Assassin’s open beta is coming to a space station near Inside Indie

Sci-fi themed multiplayer arena shooter Starship Assassin will officially be entering a free month-long open beta starting March 3rd.

Pick from 1 of 6 ruthless space assassins and join a team tasked with defending your precious A.I. Core from… the other team’s ruthless space assassins!

– Multiplayer Madness: Dedicated servers minimize lag. Play with friends.
– Base Building: Defend your core with shield generators and resource miners.
– Low Gravity Combat: Jump and dash through space to defeat your enemies.
– 90s Throwback Graphics: Low-poly graphics to get that retro sci-fi feel.
– Laser Swords: Hot beams of light you can hit people with!

Until now, only certain Twitch streamers/YouTubers have been given access to the game.

Starting March 3rd, players will be able to visit Starship Assassin’s or Gamejolt page to download and play the game. “Starship Assassin is basically the game I wish I had when I was a kid in the 90s,” solo-developer Dave Sullivan explains. “But it’s really early too. The game is just coming out of alpha and there’s still so much I want to add. The open beta is a good way to introduce the game to players and hear more about where they want to see the game go.”

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