Panoramik releases gigantic update for Forge of Gods

Panoramik Interactive today announced the release of a big new update that adds a host of new content, fixes and improvements for free-to-play multiplayer card strategy role playing game, Forge of Gods as well as the launch of The Team of Justice DLC pack that is the perfect choice for new players to get a quick start to their adventures in Forge of Gods.

“Our mission at Panoramik has always been to build games with unique gameplay mechanics. We’re extremely happy to see that hard work rewarded with thousands of daily players and a positive feedback rate on Steam of more than 78% – a solid indicator that Forge of Gods is able to surprise and engage”, said Vlad Zhilyaev, CEO of Panoramik Interactive. “Despite its apparent simplicity at the beginning, after some time of playing, Forge of Gods reveals an incredible variety of possibilities achieved through massive amount of creatures, abilities, buffs, tactics and upgrades. We hope that updates and new DLC will bring even more fun and dynamics to our players”.

The patch includes multiple improvements, the addition of two new currencies, new guild buildings – including a Trading Post and a Workshop, as well as three new specialty buildings for the different races – and the new Dragon’s Sanctuary raid dungeon where the whole guild must fight against different powerful Bosses to earn rewards and currency for victories, depending on the damage each member has dealt.

For new players, The Team of Justice DLC will serve as the perfect introduction to new adventures in Forge of Gods. With The Team of Justice DLC, players receive 400 gems, that can be used to summon new creatures, expand your army and purchase items. Utilize incredibly powerful 7 star creatures – the Academy Apprentice and Shadow Walker and fearless fighters: the Budding Recruit, Warrior of Light, Young Healer.

The Team of Justice DLC will be available on Steam for $11.99 / £8.99 / €11.99.


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