Pizza Connection 3 Pizza Creator Competition – Download on Steam for free now!

The Pizza Creator from Pizza Connection 3 is now playable for a limited time from August 18 to 28 and is even garnished with a contest to determine the best pizzaiolo of all!

Create your best pizzas, upload your creations online to Facebook, get the most Likes for them and pull in great prizes including Pizza Connection 3 merchandise sets and Steam Keys for release.

You want in on the competition? Then this is what you have to do:

1. Download the Pizza Creator for free from Steam. Start the Pizza Creator and create your dream pizza.

2. The “Recipe” tab has a Facebook sharing function.

3. Press the Facebook button, prepare your post and then click “Share on Facebook”.

4. First the Steam Browser and then Facebook will open.

5. Log on to Facebook with your login data and verify your post

6. Your post will now appear on our PizzaConnectionHQ site and you are a contestant.

The one with the most Likes wins – so the more Likes you get for your Pizza, the better!

Pizza Connection 3 Pizza Creator on Steam

Pizza Connection 3 Facebook Page

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