“Player feedback kills UI in UNEXPLORED”

The acclaimed roguelite action rpg Unexplored received a pretty hefty facelift: the removal of its in-game UI. Following up on a lot of player and press feedback, developer Ludomotion decided to drop the typical square viewport in favor of a more aesthetically pleasing and immersive widescreen one.

Although the initial decision to go with an always-on UI and a square viewport was based on solid game design, the result took away from the game’s immersion. This became particularly apparent due to the feedback of many players and remarks by professional reviewers.

Since Unexplored is a roguelite (with more than a pinch of traditional roguelike elements), it cannot be played entirely without an on-screen UI. Thus, the inventory and other parts pop-up whenever needed. Players can also toggle individual UI elements such as the mini-map, or play in the traditional mode, ie. with the full UI always on-screen.

To see what it looks like, watch our new trailer.
Which we set to an original waltz…

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