Rogue Life has launched on Android and iOS

Rogue Life is a new shooting RPG game that launches today. Awarded Google Play best app of 2016, this game is developed by Hidea who brought us the extremely popular hack and slash title, Undead Slayer. What more, it is optimized for one-handed game play, making good entertainment when on the go.

In the game, you’ll control 3 unique characters simultaneously, shooting rapidly down a path to destroy all kinds of vicious enemies that stand in their way. Careful though, you’ll need to dodge the deadly fireballs thrown by larger enemy types! To avoid being hit, players can reposition characters by dragging them left and right on the screen.

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All characters, also known as warriors, are vibrantly designed and come equipped with unique abilities. Each character also has different types of normal attacks skills and active skills like the ultimate ability, dishing out massive damage on the enemies.

To customize your warrior further, you can mix & match from a costume system containing more than 300 types of outfits. You can pick to dress your warriors in many funny, cute or studious ways; each item equipped will give a stat to your warrior so choose carefully!

There are 3 different game modes in Rogue Life: adventure, fore warrior’s shelter and duel. In adventure mode, players will explore up to 286 distinctive stages where they will face off groups of enemies and a final boss. Fore warrior’s shelter gives players a chance to develop their own buildings while working on in-game activities such as farming, mining, fishing and more! Special rewards await you when you beat each mission in the game. For Duel mode, your team will fight against another player’s team. Beat them and be handsomely rewarded.

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