The Wizard and Witch are the Final Classes to Awaken in Black Desert Online

Today, Black Desert Online unlocks the true potential of the Wizard and Witch classes, the last pair to Awaken. Both the Wizard and Witch are known for their devastating elemental attacks, calling down massive meteors and stirring up powerful blizzards, often leaving them wide open for counterattacks.

Now through the power of their new weapons―the Wizard’s Aad Sphera and the Witch’s Godr Sphera―they are able to channel the elements not only for offensive spells, but also to summon powerful allies who aid them in combat.

The Wizard gains the ability to summon Keeper Marg and Keeper Arne, fire and water elementals respectively, who will make opponents think twice about trying to sneak in for a kill. The Witch finds friends in Keeper Tett and Keeper Gorr, lightning and earth elementals who, coupled with her new stone wall spell, provide a new layer of defense while the Witch unleashes havoc on the battlefield.

Due to popular demand, players can now make a younger looking Wizard using Black Desert Online’s famed character creator. In addition, several in-game events will be held to celebrate the Awakening of all classes. Find more information on the special challenges and rewards here.

Holiday Event and Sales Continue

There is still time to enjoy Black Desert Online’s holiday sales, including a free seven-day trial, 50% discount on game passes, and festive costume set. These special offers end January 4, 2017, as does the in-game world’s snowy appearance.

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