This week’s ID@Xbox releases (March 6 – 12)

Verdun Screenshot

Verdun – March 8

Experience merciless World War One trench warfare in Verdun, one of the most-realistic multiplayer settings you’ll find today. You and your squad will be immersed in intense battles of attack and defense as you work to fight off the advancing enemy troops.

Table Top Racing Screenshot

Table Top Racing: World Tour – March 10

Take control of one of 16 miniaturized racing cars across 32 race tracks for some pint-sized combat racing. Compete across various special events and modes, or go online for an 8-player multiplayer battle to become the ultimate table top racer.

Clicker Heroes Screenshot

Clicker Heroes – March 10

Join the epic clicking adventure of the break-out mobile game Clicker Heroes for Xbox One. Defeat monsters, get their gold, and use it to hire a band of new heroes to deal even more damage to even more monsters and get even more gold!

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