Tricky Towers brings magic to Xbox One

WeirdBeard Games is excited to announce that Tricky Towers is now available on Xbox One, and features an exclusive new single player mode!

Following from a great start on the PlayStation®4 and over 250,000 players on Steam, Tricky Towers has arrived on the Xbox One! Get it now and try out the exclusive new single player mode which sees players rush to build fast enough to outpace quickly rising water.
Tricky Towers was ported to the Xbox One by Spanish porting studio BlitWorks.

The Xbox One release includes a new single player mode where players must race against endlessly rising tides, stacking blocks fast enough to keep their feet dry. Checkpoints will provide helpful spells and push the water back for a time, but ultimately the only way to survive is by stacking those blocks as quick as you can!

Enjoy playing Tricky Towers on Steam, PlayStation®4, and now Xbox One!

If you aren’t familiar with the adorable wizards and wild magic spells of this frantic block stacking game, check out the Xbox One trailer to see what you’ve been missing out on.

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