Unexplored gets 1st free DLC

Acclaimed roguelite action rpg Unexplored today receives its first free dlc in the form of the entire, original soundtrack. The music is composed by Matthijs Dierckx of TwoComposers.

Unexplored has been praised for its clever and human-like generated dungeons and its real-time yet strategic combat. The game received high marks from several websites including RockPaperShotgun, its reviewer stating Unexplored is “almost certainly going to be one of my favourite games of the year.”

Composer Matthijs Dierckx created an new version of the well received main theme and several mix downs of the ingame adaptive tracks. The album includes all the ingame music as well as all the music composed for the game’s several trailers and even some previously unreleased music, for a total of 15 tracks.

Developer and publisher Ludomotion has several more dlc’s planned for Unexplored. The next one will be released within a month.

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