VINDICTA Out Now for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

VR game studio Game Cooks announces the release of its highly acclaimed title VINDICTA on the Oculus Rift on and HTC Vive is out now!

This comes hot on the heels of the titles recent update and the studio’s push of a price drop, stating accessibility to a wider VR audience as the main motivation behind the move. To celebrate going on a new platform, Game Cooks will further discount the title – taking the price down to $12.89

Downloadable from SteamVR, the title’s Oculus Rift version will be expanding the title’s reach to more VR players. This update also comes with bug fixes and performance enhancements as the studio continues to work on the title in Early Access.

It’s been two months since the title’s EA launch on SteamVR and today VINDICTA is recognized for its simple yet refreshingly creative use of the arm-swinging locomotion system; an approach the studio took to solve the issue of motion sickness in VR.

Since launching, the studio has relied on community feedback to further develop its title and implemented a host of improvements. VINDICTA today includes:

  • 5 Full levels – making up 8 to 10 hours of action-filled VR gameplay
  • 2 locomotion methods: a natural arm-swinging locomotion system and trackpad/thumbstick movement
  • A wide range of in-game movements such as climbing, crawling and ducking making you feel part of this new world
  • Variety of enemy types to destroy and weapons to collect along the way

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