Warhorse Studios Announces the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Cast

Warhorse Studios announced the latest development update for Kingdom Come: deliverance. In the new video, the developers delve into the cut scene production at Warhorse Studios. With their in-house Motion Capture Studio, Warhorse Studios produced more than 240 minutes of full performance captured cut scenes for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Besides Brian Blessed and Tom McKay, over 50 actors from Czech Republic, Great Britain, and the USA were involved.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Cast

Warhorse Studios emphasizes realism and historical accuracy in all aspects of Kingdom Come: Deliverance (KCD). To support the strong story of KCD, many of the non-player characters (NPC) are actual existing historical figures. With Brian Blessed, Warhorse Studios secured themselves a legend from the British actor’ guild who plays the role of Lord Konrad Kyeser, a famous German military engineer that will aid the player on his journey.

On his 2 months stay at Warhorse Studios Tom McKay breathed life into Henry – the main hero of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Henry wants to avenge his family and secure the sword forged together with his father, played by Matthew Wolf.

With the aid of young Lord Hans Capon, played by Luke Dale, Henry gets dragged into a war to fight the invading forces.

See the full Kingdom Come: Deliverance cast HERE.

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