World of Warships coming to mobile devices as WoWsBlitz?

It looks like World of Warships Blitz might be coming out soon. On a WOT Clue page has published the following:

Warships will be released on mobile devices this year, we are waiting for the official announcement, but presumably the game will enter Closed Beta in the next upcoming months and will be iOS exclusive, just like World of Tanks Blitz before release. The game will be released in some countries first and then worldwide. Wargaming has registered all these domains on March 21:

The game might be released first on Asia Region, CIS will have to wait as usual. The game was developed outside CIS Region.

There isn’t any information about EU or NA Regions, which means World of Warships Blitz will probably releases in the Asia region to begin with, also because World of Tanks Blitz is a success in the CIS region in February 2017 as it came first place by revenue.

There goes the last spare free time I had…. 🙂

Source: The Daily Bounce

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