Wreck the Party! this Thanksgiving and fling turkey at your grandma for free

The family’s gathered around the table, ready for a nice warm Thanksgiving dinner. The table’s all set, and the turkey’s finally out of the oven. It’d be a shame if something bad happened…. Oh you want turkey? I WILL GIVE YOU SOME TURKEY!!!!!

This Thanksgiving, let your imagination run wild with Wreck the Party! What happens when you fling the turkey down the table during a full family dinner? There’s only one way to find out. Will you manage to set the carpet on fire? Break a few windows? Or make Auntie Nelly lose her wig? Explore the possibilities as you ricochet the turkey off places you never knew could ricochet poultry.

Wreck the Party! Thanksgiving Edition features:

  • Turkey stains
  • Angry family members
  • Hundreds of different turkey flinging combos and possibilities
  • A high score tracker

“The game stems from how much stress there is around striving for perfectionism, and that’s especially true around holidays and family time. I wanted to create something that crashes through the perfection while giving you a sense of being rewarded. Plus, it’s also just fun to watch things fall apart!”

— Dana Nelson, Founder

Over the next few months, the game will continue to grow and expand. There’s more holidays to conquer and more avian delights to fling down the table. Got a suggestion? Leave a comment on the game’s itch.io page and you just may get to see the chaotic dinner of your dreams come to life.

Visit Wreck the Party’s page and try out the FREE game now!


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