3on3 FreeStyle’s New Character Max is Revealed

Joycity’s 3on3 FreeStyle has unveiled a new character, Max, who was recently announced through a teaser trailer.

Players have been waiting patiently to hear more about Max when he was officially announced, and he is now available as a playable character in the game.

Max is a student at a school in FS Town. He specifically chose FS Town because that’s where all the famous ballers played. Despite being frail all this life, he discovered his potential after unexpectedly playing a game of street basketball.

Max plays a defense focused power forward. Some of his specialties include stealing a ball from the center position players and a tight defense to interrupt and intercept passes. Max may seem a bit shy and timid off-court, but he is always gunning for a victory on the court and spends most of free time training.

3on3 FreeStyle has consistently been well received by Western players with its uniquely stylized characters and the new character Max is a continuation of that trademark style. Players will find a character they can vibe with in 3on3 FreeStyle. Max joins the game as the 21st character to a roster of 20 eclectic characters available to the players.

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