A Bonfire of Souls releases Quest to Aztlan

Quest to Aztlan, a real time RPG battle game for smartphones and tablets. Quest to Aztlan is an RPG, adventure and strategy game in which you will lead your heroes to the lost city of Aztlan. You will have to recruit your own team of adventurers, get new weapons and items and face the powerful creatures that protect Aztlan to uncover its secrets. To give variety to the game, we have created a procedural generation system of backgrounds, statistics and enemies features. In addition, the behavior of these get smarter as we move into the adventure, presenting a major challenge to the player.

A Bonfire of Souls wanted to translate our passion for rpg games into our own adventure. Quest to Aztlan began as a small project that has grown as we wanted to make it an innovative and catching game experience, introducing an interesting narrative and an original art design, resulting in a final game that we love.

The game is available on Google Play and App Store:

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