Action adventure RPG “Seven Guardians” launches on mobile today

>Mobile game publisher 4:33 Creative Lab, the creators of the award-winning Blade: Sword of Elysion, today announced that their latest action-strategy RPG, Seven Guardians, is now available globally as a free-to-play title on the App Store and Google Play. Featuring bold, charmingly colorful graphics, Seven Guardians combines side-scrolling gameplay with a rich RPG experience as players assemble and command an elite team of seven epic heroes in the battle against the undead, restoring peace to the Nine Worlds.

“Inspired by characters from Norse Mythology, with a deep Eastern twist, we are excited to launch Seven Guardians across mobile stores today”, said Youngho Park, CEO of 4:33 Creative Lab. “After a successful soft launch in Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada and Sweden, we are confident that the rest of the world will also enjoy this creative mix of classic gameplay mechanics and modern RPG elements.”

Seven Guardians begins after the Nine Worlds, a once peaceful and prosperous land, has been overtaken by hordes of the Undead. As the Nine Worlds plunge into darkness and evil takes over, the inhabitants hide in their homes in fear while the seven guardians, as the last chance of returning the land back to its once peaceful existence, claim one World back at a time.

Players are tasked to command ‘The Alliance’, formed by seven uniquely, yet skilled heroes, including Warrior, Rogue, Archer, Defender, Wizard, Golem and Warlord and lead them to victory. In pursuit of triumph against the enemy uprising, players design and train their unique team of heroes to unlock powerful tanks to support the offensive battle and build a winning strategy. Experience the epic adventure in story mode as players encounter the enemy across the Norse lands of Midgard, Asgard and Alfheim, or team up with fellow guardians for Guild Raids or challenge others in the PvP arena.

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About Seven Guardians
Players are tasked to command ‘The Alliance’, formed from seven uniquely skilled heroes, in an epic battle against the Undead attempting to restore peace to the Nine Worlds. In pursuit of victory against the enemy uprising, players will have to design and train their own unique decks of heroes, select one of several magic Cannons, as well as strategically deploy and manage tank cooldowns, to create a winning strategy.

About 4:33 Creative Lab:
4:33 Creative Lab, with experience in publishing numerous hit mobile games including Lost Kingdom, Heroes for Kakao and Blade for Kakao, is a leading mobile game developer and publisher in Korea.

4:33 Creative Lab was founded by Joonmo Kwon, former CEO of NEXON and NEXON Mobile with other members with experience in developing blockbuster mobile and online games. The company boasts a portfolio of many mega-hit titles in different genres, and has established its firm ground as an experienced mobile game publisher in collaboration with many promising studios

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