Action RPG Transformice Adventures launches Kickstarter

Transformice Adventures, the four-player cooperative action RPG sequel to the popular MMO Transformice, has launched its Kickstarter campaign today. French independent studio Atelier 801 hopes to reach a goal of €100,000 ($113,000) before the campaign’s conclusion on June the 7th. The funds raised will aid in the development of Transformice Adventures, which is set to release on Steam (Windows/Mac/Linux) and mobile devices later in 2019.

More details can be found on the Kickstarter campaign page here. To celebrate the start of the Kickstarter, newcomers, and fans of the series can also try out a free demo of Transformice Adventures which is available now on Steam.

Transformice Adventures will see players take on the role of brave mice and battle various creatures in this four-player cooperative dungeon crawler. Combining rogue-lite game mechanics with an extensive online social experience from its MMO predecessor, Transformice Adventures allows players to enter challenging dungeons and do combat with the help of unique enchantments that alter the mice’s skills and weapons. Plenty of customisation options are available as well: from cute, personal pets that can join and help the mice in their quests, to unusual jobs each with their unique skill-set, such as intrepid journalists or crafty botanists. At the end of the day, players can retire to the local tavern to chat with their online friends, and show off their most colourful outfits.

Transformice, the massively multiplayer platformer game about mice gathering cheese, was released in May 2010 by the two founders of Atelier 801: Mélanie Christin and Jean-Baptiste Le Marchand. Thanks to regular updates and an engaged community, Transformice has grown to landmark 100 million registered accounts in the intervening years. Atelier 801 has also released multiple other games across different platforms including Bouboum, Fortoresse, Nekodancer, and Dead Maze.

Transformice Adventures can also be wishlisted on Steam.

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