All New Update Coming to Armored Warfare

Obsidian Entertainment and global publisher are proud to announce the newest addition to Armored Warfare. Update 0.16 is focused on addressing a selection of fixes for Armored Warfare based upon community feedback, apart from adding new tanks and maps to the game. After carefully evaluating the community’s opinion, the decision was made to shift focus towards streamlining existing content first and foremost.

Update 0.16 features include:

  • New High-Tier Vehicles: Players will be able to get their hands on the brand new T-15 HIFV Tier 10 Armored Fighting Vehicle and the Tier 7 Premium Tank Destroyer PTL-02
  • Loot System: Every time players participate in a match (be it PvP or PvE), they will have a chance to be rewarded with a Supply Crate. Both the opportunities to earn the Supply Crate and its Quality Level are strongly influenced by the player’s overall performance in the match, with higher Reputation scores yielding better rewards, regardless if the player was on the winning team or not.
  • Updated Sound Effects: Sounds in Armored Warfare have undergone a revamp in Update 0.16. Every major sound system has been given new sounds and several new distinct sound effects that were added for gameplay systems which previously lacked elaborate audio cues. As a result, players will now be immersed in a much more atmospheric experience in Armored Warfare. Included are new engine sounds, new sounds for ricochets, and turret rotations, among many others.
  • New PvE Missions and maps: Operations Zero Hour, Basilisk, and Erebos will pose new threats for players teaming up in Armored Warfare’s co-operative gameplay mode.
  • New Commendation System: When a player performs an action that earns them reputation and credits, they now also earn a visual commendation. Unique commendations are awarded to players for accomplishing actions like killing an enemy, assisting in kills or completing objectives. The goal of these, entirely optional commendations, is to provide real-time visual feedback to players in order to notify them whenever they’ve earn some rewards.
  • Gameplay Improvements based on Community Feedback: A large number of core gameplay enhancements and issue fixes will be introduced to Armored Warfare. These include Shot Delay correction, Incorrect Turret Facing, and Shot Normalization changes. On top of gameplay feature changes, there are also improvements to the game’s technical performance in general.

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Armored Warfare is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military game that puts the player into the world of modern warfare. In Armored Warfare, players get a chance to try the most powerful tools of destruction invented by mankind – from modern main battle tanks to scouts and wheeled vehicles. Using modern defense systems like anti-missile protection and smoke grenades, along with various types of armor and ammunition, players can jump into fast paced battles both in PvP mode and a vast amount of PvE missions.

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