Alt-Frequencies, the time-looping audio mystery from A Normal Lost Phone devs, launches 16th May

Lauded development studio Accidental Queens (A Normal Lost Phone) today confirmed that its narrative-driven, audio-based mystery game will land on PC and mobile on 16th May 2019.

Additionally, the studio has also announced that actor Jasika Nicole (Fringe, Scandal, Welcome to Nightvale) and writer/host/producer Mike Rugnetta (CrashCourse, Reasonably Sound) will be joining the VO cast for the game.

Alt-Frequencies tasks players with unravelling a mystery taking place between multiple radio stations among a disparate group of people, intersecting where interactive investigation meets podcasting. Record, rewind time and broadcast snippets of radio shows to find out the truth about the time loop, a conspiracy and the biggest vote in history.

Alt-Frequencies supports Visually Impaired players and Blind gamers by utilizing a solid game design that allows players of various disabilities to be included in the game. In Alt-Frequencies players will solve a series of puzzles to progress in their investigation. A radio/audio format is used as the game’s key mechanic, delivering an innovative and original method of non-linear storytelling which has become the signature calling card of acclaimed development studio Accidental Queens.

Players will get an intimate look into the lives of radio hosts, conspiracy theorists, students, politicians, underground activists, train station managers and even a dog as they manipulate and redistribute information between them and impact their lives in various ways.

The official soundtrack for the game is available to preorder, and you can listen to already released tracks on Bandcamp:


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