Antegods: Mixing ancient culture and science fiction

Antegods is a fast-paced, arena shooter set in a universe where civilizations around the galaxy vie for power in tactical battles. Two teams of spacefaring Mayans pilot enormous stone Totem statues battling and collecting energy in order to activate a colossal Titan statue to rain down destruction upon their opponents. They are mixing ancient culture and science fiction to create a unique style which they have dubbed ‘Stonepunk’.

With Antegods, they are creating an original, attractive intellectual property, mixing ancient culture and science fiction, aimed at a young adult audience. It will feature procedurally generated worlds making every battle different and pushing players to outplay their opponents.

The videogame is the core of the project but they are also expanding the universe with the accompanying comic book series. The comic book will tell the backstory of the Totems discovery and why the tournament exists. Follow the faith of 4 adolescent fighters as they seek out glory on the universal battlefield.

We are looking forward to the upcoming dev blogs and the development of the game!


  • Team up for 5v5 multiplayer
  • Explore a Stonepunk universe inspired by ancient Mayan culture
  • Collect energy and worshipers while piloting your giant Totem
  • Power up your team’s colossal Titan and destroy your foes
  • Vie for control in tactical warfare on procedurally generated worlds
  • Narrative universe with comic companion


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