Antioch: Scarlet Bay calls for beta testers

The ground-breaking co-op multiplayer mystery Antioch: Scarlet Bay is looking for beta-testers! Due for release in the coming months on iOS and Android, Antioch: Scarlet Bay is the world’s first online co-op crime-solving multiplayer adventure.

Beta testers are needed to explore the seedy neo-noir world of Antioch: Scarlet Bay with their online detective partners. Antioch: Scarlet Bay is the first new collaboration between producer Michael Peiffert and writer/designer FibreTigre since their 500,000-unit selling smash hit Out There. Players will need all to forge a real relationship with their human investigation partner to solve a grisly murder and bring its perpetrator to justice.

Developers Mi-Clos Studio and Midnight Moon previously announced a release date of 7 April for Antioch — but you can’t rush a good mystery.

Beta testers are invited to sign up at

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