Apestorm: Full Bananas has targets locked for launch (Coming Soon) Mobile

All 4 Games announced today that Apestorm: Full Bananas, Snowhound’s debut steampunk-inspired mobile title, will be available to download from the App Store and the Google Play store on Thursday 28th April priced at £0.79/$0.99/€0.99.

Apestorm: Full Bananas is a side-scrolling zeppelin bombing game set in a steampunk world.Fugitive Apes have taken to the skies in search of revenge after humans have destroyed the planet. Players must command their stolen zeppelin and save nature from man…one bomb at a time!

Points are collected by carefully dropping bombs on factories, warehouses, and other man-made objects, whilst simultaneously protecting the natural environment. Adjusting the zeppelin’s speed and altitude alters range, bomb trajectory and ensures pinpoint precision for those all-important hits.

Each level presents its own unique set of challenging in-game objectives. When attained, players earn bananas, unlocking new levels as well as ship enhancing power-ups to turn their zeppelin into an unstoppable bombing machine!

Key Features:

• Thrilling destruction gameplay experience
• 9 Earth-shattering power-ups to enhance the zeppelin’s abilities
• 20 levels to unlock and complete
• Various enemies and obstacles to overcome – in the air and on land
• Beautiful steampunk aesthetic
• Unique and challenging level objectives

Apestorm: Full Bananas is being developed by Finnish devs Snowhound; a young and exciting team with a mission to deliver finely crafted, highly-immersive and visually appealing two-dimensional games for mobile. Apestorm: Full Bananas is Snowhound’s debut title and also marks All 4 Game’s first partnership with a development team outside of the UK.

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