Big Update for The Kindred, blending Minecraft and Stonehearth for a fun civilization-building time

If you love to unwind with a great game where you can build the quaint town of your dreams, harvest the fruits of the world around you, watch a civilization grow, and see your citizens go about their daily lives, generation after generation, then The Kindred should be right up your alley.

We have a brand new gameplay trailer to share with you, along with a big update to this oh-so-charming game.

Alpha 3 Update Now Available

Despite welcoming their new-born child into the world in the midst of development last month, the husband-and-wife team at Persistent Studios has continued to push out all sorts of updates for The Kindred, which is currently on Steam Early Access. The latest, Alpha 3, adds the following highlights:

  • Managed farm zones (automated farming)
  • Updated crafting/cooking UI
  • 2 new crop types (Sugarcane and Tomatoes)
  • 20 new recipes
  • New decorative items that can be made in the crafting bench
  • Wisps/fireflies now appear at night
  • Various work queue fixes and improvements

In addition to watching your Kin grow and start families, live their lives and pass on (yes, this happens!), some of the other fun stuff you’ll do in The Kindred includes:

Explore a new world

Each time you start a new game, you’ll get a new world to explore. Find resources, a place to settle down, and start building…

Build, farm, grow

Once you’ve settled on a place to start your settlement, you’ll begin to craft buildings using the resources you’ve found, farm the land and more.

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