Bounty Train: Lucrative and risky deals at the saloon

The West will become even wilder: with today’s update saloons and shops will be open for business in Daedalic Entertainment’s and Coribe Games’ Railroad Simulation. In Saloons, you can cut lucrative but risky deals with outlaws. And mastering these deals require the right equipment from gunshops or pharmacies.

Also, engines and cars are now even more customizable. More cargo space or armor plates? No problem! After all, every engine driver should be prepared for the new random encounters which can be their very own boon or complication…

There are several more extensive updates planned until the final release in summer 2016.

An overview of all new patch notes can be found here.

About Bounty Train

The Story

Bounty Train takes place in the America of the 1860s, the player is the son of a Railroad Tycoon out to fulfil his dead father’s grand dream: an unbroken train line across America. But his former partners have other plans in store, and the building of the line becomes a desperate race to prevent a great evil.

The Game

Bounty Train is a complex, tactically challenging game. The player has to keep many balls in the air — dealing with real time skirmishes with bandits, trading good for the best prices, resource management, train optimization and keeping the line (and train) in good repair. In addition, Bounty Train confronts the player with historical events, from the onset of the Civil War to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln — and depending on player choices and performance, the course of history may be changed.

Bounty Train borrows elements from many genres and uses them to build a greater whole, a new unique strategy game experience. A masterpiece for strategy fans everywhere.


  • A mix of strategy, simulation and rogue-like gameplay elements
  • Player gets to control a beautiful, historically accurate steam train
  • Manage your train and routes, protect your train and its cargo as you steam across the American frontier
  • The unique setting brings special challenges – defend your train against bandits, raiders and more
  • Running a train means hiring a good crew, and that crew includes gunslingers, snipers and other dangerous types
  • Player actions influence the course of history, reflected in the game by multiple endings
  • No two games are ever the same, how far will you get in building your rail empire?

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