Castaway Paradise coming to Consoles

Stolen Couch Games announce that Castaway Paradise, their town-building sim game, is coming to consoles on July31, 2018.
Both Xbox One and PlayStation®4 players will be able to experience the joy of forming their own island community! Before booking your island trip.

Take a holiday to your dream island!
The sunny beaches of Castaway Paradise are lying ready for your visit! Go fishing, decorate and expand your holiday home, try gardening, play dress up, and help out your fellow castaways. Castaway Paradise is an instant vacation to your very own tropical island! Visits can be made through whichever device you prefer. Following mobile and PC releases, the sandbox sim will soon expand to console! Stolen Couch Games is working with fellow Dutch game studio CodeglueB.V., who are handling the console ports.

The creative town-building game is expected to arrive the 31st of July on Xbox One and PlayStation®4.

Build your own Castaway Paradise!
Some people see being shipwrecked as a problem, while others see opportunity! After a disastrous storm, the local villagers seek your help to rebuild the island. Recreate yourself and live the life you want on a peaceful tropical island. Choose from hundreds of options as you decorate your house, help out neighbours and replant the beaches. Castaway Paradise is a perfect holiday for people of all looking for a getaway from the rush of modern life.

•Relax: take a holiday to your own tropical island!
•Gardens feed the soul… and your stomach. Harvest crops, catch fish or chase bugs.
•After a storm, a rainbow! Build your own holiday home and decorate it during special holidays.
•Dress for the occasion: every season offers its own wardrobe with 100s of outfit pieces you can combine as you please.
•Good fences make good neighbours! Get to know your fellow villagers and help them with their daily activities.

In Castaway Paradise you can do whatever you like!

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