Choices and Consequences in Ash of Gods

What if every choice you made, big or small, affected the storyline of the game you were playing? What if that insignificant slight you made toward the town’s constable came back to haunt you later? And what would happen if your main character died halfway through the story – could you continue your adventure? Find out the answers to these questions in today’s new Ash of Gods storytelling trailer, which explains Ash of Gods‘ “rogue-like” storytelling elements.

Watch the trailer now to get a look at how actions and choices have deep consequences in the world of Ash of Gods. Will you have what it takes to make the right decision for your team in the game?

Ash of Gods is a turn-based RPG featuring constantly evolving storytelling with risks that truly affect gameplay, along with an extensive online PvP mode. The game features a story based on the complexity and ambiguity of moral choice where any of the characters in game can die. Momentary benefits may cost a character a life, while sacrifice will make the walkthrough of one of following episodes easier. Ash of Gods features a mix of gorgeous art, lush music, tactical combat, and a powerful story that plays out via dialogue driven layer interaction. Depending upon a player’s decisions, no two playthroughs of the game will be the same.

Along with a constantly evolving storyline, players will be treated to a fantastic visual and aural experience, featuring stunning hand-drawn characters and environments, coupled with music from Adam Skorupa, whose previous work includes The Witcher, Bulletstorm, Painkiller, and EVE Online. Ash of Gods was recently awarded ‘Best Game’ at the Game Gathering conference in Kiev, and previously was awarded ‘Best Game’ and ‘Best Art’ at White Nights Moscow 2017, as well as ‘Excellence in Music’ and ‘Excellence in Narrative’ at DevGamm Minsk 2017.

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