Closers Community Event Starts Today

With just one week before the launch of Closers, the online RPG beat’ em up with anime stylings and crazy combo action, En Masse is hosting a two week long community event called ‘Closers Together’ to celebrate the upcoming grand launch on February 6. Now gamers around the world can team up to accrue points together and meet game-wide goals, unlock global awards, and even enter to win sweet real-world prizes. How sweet you dare ask?  We’re talking a game-ready Razor Blade Pro Laptop custom-engraved for the most hardcore Closers fan!

The ‘Closers Together’ community event started Thursday morning, 12:00AM UTC on February 1 and ends Wednesday night, 11:59AM UTC on February 14. By completing the goals during the ‘Closers Together’ community event, you will unlock new rewards that include: Elite Status, Bonus Credit and Experience, Booster Items, free skill adjustments, and much more!

You can contribute points towards the global goals in the following ways:

  • Daily Logins (1 point) (Logging in all 14 days enters you in the drawing to win a custom Razer Blade Pro)*
  • Item Enhancement Successes (1 point)
  • PvP Wins (1 point)
  • Stage Clears (1 point)

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