Conqueror’s Blade Extended Siege Test Coming – Time to play! #Giveaway

You’ll start this test in the city, the gatekeepers won’t let you explore the open world during this Siege test. Your first quest will be prompted on the right side of your screen. The highlighted key word in the quest can be clicked. For this you will have to free up your mouse to use it on the UI, by pressing ALT.

Clicking highlighted keywords in quest will auto path you the correct NPC.

On the top of your screen you will see “J” to queue for battle and select a map/scenario to start competing in with either 8v8 or 15v15 multiplayer.

Advise: follow the first questlines and attend the tutorial scenarios before going into battle. The tutorial will explain how to use siege weaponry and how to command your regiment of troops that you take into battle with you. It will also guide you to various NPC, for crafting, buying and upgrading instructions.

  • The ultimate medieval warlord experience!
  • Conqueror’s Blade is a spectacular and free massively multiplayer action game that places you in the sabatons of a general on the medieval battlefield.
  • Enjoy brutal class-based action, dynamic squad tactics and campaign-level strategy that converge across a distinctive historical realm where the medieval West meets the mysterious East.
  • Select an iconic weapon from any medieval superpower and perfect the art of war alongside elite units that level up with every shared victory.
  • Immerse yourself in a life of civil and military leadership, with tactical, economic and diplomatic choices that determine the fates of kingdoms.


  1. Create an account on
  2. Use the provided CBT Key here
  3. Download game client
  4. Login and play


Opening times of the servers:

Maps available for the Extended Siege test:

  • Stalemate Creek (8v8)
  • Wall Fort. (15v15)
  • Map images

New units for the Extended Siege test

  • Cossack Swordsman I
  • Levy Spearman I
  • Levy Archer I
  • Levy Arquebusier I
  • Dagger-Axe Scout I


Misc. information:

Content restrictions: Open world outside the cities will be blocked for this testing phase

Client Size: 20Gb

Players level cap: 15 level

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