Crazy Machines 3: New teaser reveals release date

together with FAKT Software Daedalic Entertainment presents Crazy Machines 3 at the gamescom to the press of the fair. Additionally, a new teaser reveals the release date of the game: Crazy Machines 3 will be released October 18th, 2016, for PC, Mac and Linux platforms.

Crazy Machines 3 is based on the successful Crazy Machines series, with brand new gameplay and community features, as well as hyper-realistic simulation attributes. Crazy Machines 3 is the most advanced and extensive Rube Goldberg style puzzle and physics game of all times.

About Crazy Machines 3:

The successful Rube Goldberg style puzzle game series was first published in 2004, and has sold over 1.5 Mio. copies to this day. Crazy Machines 2 was release in 2007, with two add-ons each year respectively. The popular series now is available on all relevant gaming platforms: iOS, Android, Windows 8, Windows8/RT, Windows PC, Mac OS X, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and DS, has been translated into over 10 languages and has won numerous awards.


  • Hyper-realistic simulation of physical parameters such as solid bodies, electricity, lightning, wind, light, lasers, accustic effects, magnetism and steam.
  • Creativity meets freedom of choice: create and experiment with your own crazy machines and find your own ways of solving challenges.
  • Comprehensive editor: much more than just a physics sandbox, players can create their own ingenious puzzle levels and share them with the vaste Crazy Machines community.
  • Create your own building pieces: for the first time in the Crazy Machines series, players can now create their own building pieces from various materials and colors and can share them online.
  • Unlimited number of player generated levels online: share, exchange and rate your inventions with other players on Steam Workshop.
More about Crazy Machines 3: 
Crazy Machines 3 on Steam

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