Cutest Riot simulator Anarcute comes crashing onto PC and Xbox One Summer 2016

 Anarcute, the cutest riot simulator will be arriving on the PC (Steam) and Xbox One this Summer 2016. This was announced today by French student creators Anarteam, who have won multiple awards during the development of Anarcute.

To witness all the colourful, beautiful destruction players can partake in this single-player action game, please take a look at the new “Revolution” trailer available here.

In Anarcute, players will lead their adorable band of rioters against the oppressive forces of the corrupt Brainwash Patrol in a glorious Kawaii-style setting. The single-player action game features a campaign across locations such as Tokyo and Paris, where players will need to build a rampaging force big enough to rescue friends, solve intricate puzzles and defeat the many enemies send their way.

  • Grow your one-man army to a powerful mob, and unlock new powers as you do
  • Throw objects and take down whole buildings while rioting your way through the city
  • Face special units including snipers and giant helicopters from the dark forces of the Brainwash Patrol
  • Lead the riot across 40 levels in a single-player campaign through cities such as Tokyo, Paris, Miami and Reykjavik

“With Anarcute we really wanted to create something special and bring a crazy, colourful world of fun and chaos together with tactical gameplay,” said Mathieu Leclercq, game designer at Anarteam. “When we won the first award, we didn’t know what an amazing journey we would go on but it’s been great to realise our vision of city-wide adorable destruction.”

Anarcute is being created by Anarteam, based on the team’s original entry into Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2014, winning the top prize in France and competing in the World Finals. A collective of five talented students at the French video game school Supinfogame, Anarteam has been developing Anarcute in their spare time during weekends and summer holidays. The title has been part of the ID@XBOX Program for Indie Developers and has won multiple awards during its development including Unity’s Award 2015 “Best Student Game” and “Best of Show for Action/Combat” at the Paris Games Week 2015.

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