Daum Games Europe B.V. Rebrands to Kakao Games Europe B.V.

Daum Games Europe B.V., responsible for publishing Pearl Abyss’ highly successful MMORPG Black Desert Online in North American and European territories, will be rebranded to Kakao Games Europe B.V., the company announced today.

Daum Games’ name change serves to unify its presence within Kakao Corporation, its parent company, as it prepares to strengthen its role in the global games industry by operating titles on a growing variety of platforms such as PC, consoles, mobile, and virtual reality devices. Kakao Games Europe B.V. is to be the focal point of the company’s global expansion.

Kakao Games Europe B.V. will continue to operate Black Desert Online, a leading entry in the MMO genre with its highly detailed character customization system and jaw-dropping visuals. Kakao games will work with the amazing talents at Pearl Abyss to expand the service with exciting new content, such as the enormous Valencia Part One expansion that was added on June 29.

Additionally, the founding of Kakao Games USA Inc. was finalized at the end of June and the company is currently preparing game services for the North American market.

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