“Death Valley” update for Hitman: Sniper is out now

Square Enix Montréal today released a new zombie-themed update for its competitive mobile shooter, Hitman: Sniper™ on the App Store (coming to Android soon). The free “Death Valley Challenge Mode” update introduces a new wave-based, zombie survival mode, where a player’s skill and nerves are tested in a fast-paced and nail-biting environment.

The Hitman: Sniper “Death Valley Challenge Mode” trailer.

Set in an abandoned military base, players will have to defend lone survivor Ben (named after the winner of the PAX East 2016 tournament) from a swarming horde of undead. “Death Valley Challenge Mode” features three difficulty levels, over 30 achievements to unlock, new customizable weapon options, and dynamic AI that adjusts to a player’s performance making every game feel new and different.

Hitman: Sniper celebrates its first anniversary on June 4th, 2016, and to mark the occasion, Square Enix Montréal is continuing to add new content to the original Montenegro Contracts mode and to support the game with live community events. As well as new upgrade levels to existing rifles, the new update will introduce the Jaeger rifle from the latest Hitman™ game (2016) as an in-app purchase.

Hitman: Sniper was honored with the Best Technology award in the 2015 Canadian Videogame Awards.

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