Download The World of Tanks Console Companion

The World of Tanks Console Companion is the official World of Tanks on Console app, giving players the tools needed to take their battlefield prowess to the next level!

New Additions to the Console Companion

  • Support for Xbox and PlayStation 4 logins
  • Access to video guides and trailers
  • Stay updated with the latest news, updates and bundles

Download for Your Device



With the Console Companion, You Can:

  • Compare and sort vehicles and improvements
  • Access the powerful Tankopedia to check every vehicle’s stats
  • View hard-earned accolades: Medals, Ribbons and other achievements
  • Clan functionality
  • Review personal stats
  • View your account balances: Premium Days, Gold, Silver, Free XP
  • View your friends’ stats

The Console Companion can also be used to view forum in your web browser, and to contact the Support team. While you can use many of the app’s features without logging in, your Microsoft / Sony login is required to check personal stats.

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